An insightful ode to his personal spiritual Journey, author Perspectus presents a work teeming with his literate insights concerning his path to finding his soul and awakening, invoked through perceptive Poetry, Prose and accompanied by stimulating, resonant, Illustrations.Before his awakening, while suffering for years with an autoimmune disorder at 66 years old, author Perspectus found himself spiraling through pain, the need for self-medication and enmeshed in a deepening depressed state. However, after hitting his lowest point in his life, he was able to regain himself, find his soul, re-establish his faith in the divine, and transcend from the brink of suicide to a truly wondrous spiritual awakening. Ultimately his story is a shining example of finding and turning on and keeping on your inner light, while coming to the ultimate realization of the connectedness of us all. Read More


As the title indicates this book shares Perspectus’ reflections on his true story, from constant pain and suicidal thoughts to healing, redemption, and spirituality, through a unique blend of prose, poetry, and photography. While his story draws upon his personal journey to spiritual awakening and a connection to a Higher Power, he draws upon the wisdom and writings of current and past religious, philosophy, and thought leaders to examine topics such as mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, the soul, purpose and so much more.  If you’re interested in an easy-to-read book, filled with striking, illustrative photos, that tells an inspirational story about coming out of darkness to light – and finding a way to stay there, this one’s for you. With plain language, well-explained concepts, this work is thoughtful, and full of wisdom from spiritual and metaphysical thinkers of the past two centuries. In keeping with his book’s purpose, Perspectus has said he will donate the profits of this book to fund a college scholarship program for students, who have lost parents from Covid or homicide.

- Ambassador Delano Lewis

Soul Seeker depicts both a deeply personal and at the same time universal journeying of human consciousness. Through the use of poetry, prose and art, Perspectus illuminates the modes of awakening of human evolution towards the Light. Drawing on sources from the ancient wisdom traditions, classical and contemporary philosophy and the spiritual arts Soul Seeker brings the depths and dimensions of human emotion and awareness to forefront.  Framing the human consciousness as a search for identity and purpose Perspectus places the human being within context of a higher calling in relation to one’s role and meaning within the Universe as both physical and spiritual. Soul Seeker reminds us of the infinite possibilities inherent within the All that Is. It is a must read for anyone seeking their own path, as we all must do.

- Donna Giancola

author of In the Name of the Goddess: A Biophilic Ethic (Environment and Religion in Feminist-Womanist, Queer, and Indigenous Perspectives)”