Soul Seeker Reflections on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness to the Light

A 2020 International Book Awards’ winning finalist in the spiritualism category, Soul Seeker: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness to the Light, shares the author’s reflections on his true story from constant pain and suicidal thoughts to healing, redemption, and spirituality.
The author’s reflections, shared through his prose, poetry and photography, begin with him trapped in a deep depression, resulting from a five-year battle with constant pain from an autoimmune disorder. Feeling hopeless and powerless, he hits the “darkest night of his soul” and decides to end his life. But this book is not about suicide, but rather, redemption.

It begins with an awakening, visionary experience that leads to his healing and fills him with a permanent sense of well-being and an appreciation for life and living happily in the light. But in the end, he is confronted and tested with the moral dilemma of the shocking results of a half-century-old murder case. It dramatically reinforces the importance of not backsliding into the “dark night of his soul” and the belief “that without darkness, we will never find or know the true value of the light.” This story transcends one man’s journey to spiritual awakening and connection to a Higher Power and includes such things as mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, the soul, purpose and faith, messages of Mother Earth, love, truth, peace, blessings and sorrows, enlightenment, and very much more.

The book also serves as an inspirational guide for others seeking their purpose in life and the meaning to existence. With clear language, well-explained concepts, this work is agile, easy to read, and full of wisdom from spiritual and metaphysical thinkers of the past two centuries. Perspectus’ reflections look at: humanity’s connection to the consciousness, energy, power, and matter in the universe; that each of our souls make up an even larger godlike consciousness or soul that is and always will be; the presence of a Higher Power within and outside of each of us; the existence of an eternal source of love, compassion, and redemption; and to never give up hope. Proceeds from the profits of this book will be used to fund a college scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students to shine eternal light on a good man struck down by the darkness of another.