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     I launched my book, “SOULSEEKER, Reflections on a Journey from Darkness to the Light,” in February 2020 in Denver, Colorado, just weeks before Covid decided to reach pandemic levels. My book and I took that as a sign from above that maybe we should quarantine for a while.

     With the shadow of Covid starting to lift, I thought it might be time to renew my efforts to promote my book, which is a unique blend of photography, poetry, and prose.  I call it reflections on my journey from darkness to light because it reflects my awakening from the darkest night of my soul to a miraculous healing and a spiritual transformation.

     I suffered from Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which had symptoms of four autoimmune diseases, as well as focal dystonia, that left me in pain 24/7 for five years. I suffered severe depression and was on the brink of suicide. I had an out-of-body vision that led to my eventual miraculous healing and filled me with a permanent sense of well-being and an appreciation for life.

     Since I consider myself a natural born skeptic, I initially would only accept that there are things beyond my realm of understanding and began my journey to understand what had happened to me and why I felt a spiritual connection to a Higher Power.  I began reading works of religious, spiritual, philosophical, New Age, and New Thought leaders. In my reflections, I look at such things as mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, the soul, purpose and faith, Mother Earth and her messages, love, truth, peace, blessings, sorrow, enlightenment and very much more.

     I was seeking health but found my Higher Power whom I understand to be God. In finding God, my MCTD and Dystonia disappeared. I found how important prayer and meditation can be; how we are all connected and how love, peace, truth and integrity is essential to the strength of our Consciousness. I realize that to truly value the light, we sometimes must experience degrees of darkness in our life.

     Some of you may recall that I rewrote the ending and republished the book in early 2020, after hearing the news that the savage serial killer who murdered my work/study custodial supervisor 50 years ago in college had been living for the past 35 years as a free man less than 20 miles away from the school.

     The new ending tests my commitment to the Light but results in a new purpose to use the profits of my book for a scholarship fund for students whose parents were homicide victims, and now to include students who lost parents to Covid.

     In addition to launching this new SOULSEEKER website, I plan to begin weekly postings on a blog on this website. I am also reactivating my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so keep an eye out. If you have any comments or thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

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